THRIVE provision at Park View Primary School



Thrive is a support programme developed to identify and support the needs of vulnerable children. It aims to help those with troubling or challenging behaviour to develop emotional resilience and social skills.

We started to adopt a thrive approach at Park View Primary School following an INSET day training session. By using an online assessment tool, we are able to identify the children in our classes who are most vulnerable.  This can help with organising learning partners and creating whole class activities which give opportunities for the children to develop their social and play skills.

Since January 2017 ‘Thrive time’ has replaced ‘Golden time’ throughout the school. During these sessions, teachers are able to work with classes on social and emotional development.

We have also worked individually with some of those children to provide support and teach them strategies to help them through their challenges.

“Thrive helped me because it made me make more progress in my learning and made me more confident. I did ‘thrive’ with Mrs Fox and it helped me to play with others better.” CB

“Thrive helped me because it made me more confident. Mrs Sadler talked with me about playing with other children instead of just one group which always had arguments.” BB

 ‘Thrive’ based intervention groups, which take place in the afternoons, support those children who are identified as needing extra support. This has meant that children are in smaller groups for a more focussed session.