School Council

Article 12 (Respect for the views of the child): When adults are making decisions that affect children, children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinions taken into account.


Hello, we are the school council team.

We are representatives from each class, elected by our classmates at the beginning of the school year. We are supported by Mrs Fox (Class teacher), Mrs Ratcliff (LSA) and Mr Christmas (Governor).

We meet up usually every week, where we discuss ideas for our assemblies. Sometimes we lead the assemblies.

From this assembly, we then considered the structure of the school day, which we debated in our own class assembly.

Last term we looked at what we like about Park View Primary School and which things we would like to change.

Things we like:

* The new style of maths lessons

* Doing the Golden Mile

* We’re all part of a team

* We are friendly

* Teacher keep us safe

* In lessons, modelling by teachers helps us to learn

* Teachers take time to help us.

* Sports clubs

* Sports tournaments

* School trips

Things that we want to improve:

* More school trips

* More equipment outside

* A bigger car park

* New and improved fences around the school to keep us safe

* More classes with fewer children in each.

* A full hour for lunch

* A bigger medical room

* A security gate on the car park

This term, school council is thinking about the long term strategic plan for the development of the school site. We are also thinking about the rewards for our new behaviour wheels.

School council is about making the school a better place for everyone.