Puzzle Day

28 March 2017

On Monday 20th March, the children took part in a Maths Puzzle Day at school.  Problem solving is a large part of the current mathematical curriculum and our Maths Puzzle Day was full of fun puzzles and challenges.

The activities encouraged thinking, logical reasoning and understanding, with an emphasis on teamwork and discussion. The activities were designed to challenge the children’s problem solving skills and develop the skill of trial and error. The puzzles built on the pupils’ learning behaviours developing resilience to new and unfamiliar tasks.

Children were able to use their reasoning skills to explain how they did something and why.

Throughout the day each class will had time in the hall to tackle the puzzles. From 3.30pm-4.00pm, the activities were available for parents and family to come and try out some of the challenges the children had enjoyed during the day.

Please pop in to the office to see our Puzzle Day book full of photos of the day and activities we tried.