World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

27 March 2018

Yesterday the children of Park View Primary came in wearing something a little different. We all came in wearing odd socks to support World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. During the assembly the children enjoyed sharing their strengths and weaknesses to remind us that we are all different, there are not two people alike.


Sport Relief Week!

23 March 2018

For Sport Relief the children took part in a sponsored bounce. During the week they practiced several different types of bounce and on Friday they tried to get their best scores in one minute. The scores are currently being counted and those with the highest scores across KS1 and KS2 will receive prizes. The children had a lot of fun and really worked hard to get their best scores.



19 March 2018

Due to the snowfall overnight, school will be opening at the later time of 9.30am today. Please take care when travelling to school as the roads and paths are very icy.


SCHOOL CLOSED Friday 2nd March

1 March 2018

Due to the heavy snowfall the decision has been made to keep school closed on Friday 2nd March. Please check back over the weekend for updates.


SCHOOL CLOSED Thursday 1st March

28 February 2018

Due to the severe weather warning issued for our region, we will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 1st March. This is to ensure the health and safety of our pupils, staff and parents, particularly on their journeys to and from school. This decision has not been taken lightly but the safety of our pupils, families and staff is our priority. We will keep you updated regarding our decision for Friday 2nd March and will notify parents in our usual ways.


A Viking Invasion

2 February 2018

This half term the Project for Year 4 has been ‘Let the Battle Commence’ and the children have learnt all about the Viking era. Today was a special day and the children and staff of Year 4 came dressed up as Vikings – WOW! Everyone made a fabulous effort and looked great. Also we had a day visit from Bjorn the Viking.


Year 2 Set Sail

22 January 2018

" I've had the best day and learnt EVEN more about the Titanic!" ( Year 2 pupil) Year 2 had a fantastic day learning more about the Titanic through interviewing a 3rd class passenger about their experience on board, designing an outfit for a 1st class passenger, sorting who gets a place on the final remaining lifeboat and sorting items between then and now. The day has been full of excitement and thrill and we are really enjoying the topic.


Year 5 University Pathway

18 January 2018

Today Year 5 had students from Winchester University come in to visit us to explain how life at university works. It was great to see that no matter our background we could go to university in order to get our dream job. We looked at different pathways to get to our dream job.


Olympic Athlete visits Park View Primary!

16 January 2018

Yesterday, Park View Primary had a former Olympic swimmer visit the school to carry out as part of a Sports 4 School. Cassie Patten came in to carry out a fitness circuit with all year groups. The children were sponsored with the majority of the money raised going on buying new sports equipment.


Year 3 Travel Back in Time to the Stone Age

10 January 2018

Today, Year 3 traveled back in history to the Stone Age. They built fires, hunted woolly mammoths and created cave paintings.


Year 2 hit an iceberg!

8 January 2018

Year 2 went on their maiden voyage across the Atlantic ocean. When they set off with dream of seeing New York, little did they know...their lives would change forever!


Basingstoke Variety Show

7 October 2017

Basingstoke Variety Show